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By Gillian Suggett – Embroidery Specialist with Wilcom Europe Ltd Introduction In this article I aim to give an overview of industrial embroidery and hope to demystify some of the processes involved.  As with any design production there is an art to it but it is not a black art: it is easily learned, produces […]

For those of you who want to see how Wilcom and Corel integration works, and how to make multi-decoration designs, this 6 min video gives a very good walk through of the whole process. The example is a client who is running a Dance Conference. They want their attendee t shirts to be a little more fancy […]

How Wilcom and Corel have changed the decoration industry People often wonder how Wilcom and Corel’s partnership differs from other solutions providing a CorelDRAW plugin. Thought I’d share this Images Magazine article, interviewing our own Gillian Suggett from the Wilcom Europe office:  The exclusive integration of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite into Wilcom DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio […]

I just read a beautiful article on the significance embroidery has in the hearts and souls of many cultures and over millennium. “Each embroidered towel conceals God’s initiative” The Day visits the Cherkasy Museum of Embroidery with its half a thousand exhibits By Yuliana LAVRYSH, Den’s Summer School of Journalism, photos by Kostiantyn HRYSHYN, The Day, Kyiv – […]

In a recent post we talked about the London Olympics, we were talking about sporting teams and Tracey from Arco mentioned Wilcom’s Team Name  feature. I thought I would talk a little more about this topic in terms of how you can be more efficient when working with teams and uniforms. With Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e2 personalising team […]

I was just reading an article about how using multi-decoration can differentiate your “left-chest embroidery” business: “If you do what all other embroidery businesses do, you can only expect +/1 10% of their profit margins. If you do the opposite and become someone who can do what 95% of the others can’t, won’t and don’t […]

There’s a lot of beautiful embroidery in the world, but this one takes the cake. Dezsö does some cool things with embroidery including embroidery animation which is pretty amazing. Here is one of his artworks called “Embroidered Heart”.