About Wilcom

We’re  an embroidery and multi-decoration software company and we love what we do!

We’re an international company, established in 1979. Our vision is to continue providing the most intuitive and exciting software for garment decorators and fashion houses. Our clients range from small boutique businesses to large corporate companies from all around the world.

Wilcom is all about quality. You’re not just getting another software package, but ‘tried and true‘, ever improving tools that will transform your business. Support and training is a standard service for all customers.

Rather than take our word for it, let our customers speak for us…

Quality Results

“The proof is in the pudding” and when it comes to Wilcom software there’s no comparison. It’s built on a core of unrivalled complex stitch processing algorithms which means that what you create and see on screen are the exact needle penetrations your machine will stitch. Which is why machine techs love Wilcom…

“Wilcom has been doing lettering for 30 years, use their expertise. Simple, fast, productive, accurate, legible and fewer thread breaks. (Translation…”1 less call to me!”)”
B. Singer, Barudan

“We use Wilcom software because the stitch engine is very powerful… I can rely on the engine and not worry about the end product once it’s stitched out.”

5 Responses to “About Wilcom”

  1. 1 정봉희

    좋은 일만 잇기를 바라겟읍니다

  2. 2 robin

    would love to own this software but will behind my reach in pricing we can always dream robin

  3. 3 guillermina

    esto de los bordados me encanta ne gustaría te.cual seria el valorner uno aunque fuera básico

  4. Me gustaria adquirir el wilcon que convierte los archivos de jpg a formato de la bordadora automaticamente sin tener q realizar el diseno y si es posible adquirir el wilcon en idioma espanol por fabor me puede ilustrar y enviar la cotizacion del valor del programa y las formas de adquirlos le agradezco su atencion prestada

    • Gracias por su interés en el software Wilcom! Si desea una manera fácil de convertir gráficos a continuación, bordado Wilcom DecoStudio es el producto para usted. Usted puede comprar el software en español. No estoy seguro de dónde se encuentre – si usted está en América Latina, tenemos distribuidores en Brasil y Venezuela. Si usted está en España tenemos cuatro distribuidores también. Por favor, visite http://www.wilcom.com.au/Contactus/WilcomDistributors.aspx los datos de contacto.

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