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There are so many great features in the Wilcom Elements 3 product range, I need to start showing them off a bit. Here’s just one that was heavily requested by Wilcom users and has been a hit so far… The Break Apart Lettering tool is a massive time saverwhen your customers logos are made up […]

By Gillian Suggett – Embroidery Specialist with Wilcom Europe Ltd Introduction In this article I aim to give an overview of industrial embroidery and hope to demystify some of the processes involved.  As with any design production there is an art to it but it is not a black art: it is easily learned, produces […]

Running Windows on a Mac using Virtualization or Boot Camp – Eduardo Serje I decided to write this blog as a response to many inquiries from Wilcom users who wanted to use our products in a Mac environment. I have worked for many years on both environments (Windows and Mac), and I have used Boot […]

I’ve noticed a lot of people looking for information about how to design for 3D Foam embroidery or 3D Puff. At the ISS Long Beach show this was a very popular technique, and I’ve noticed it alot in retail fashion stores. This is a great way to attract new business and add some pizzazz to […]

It’s good to see how many people appreciate the tips we’ve published from Dean Roscoe’s Wilcom embroidery lettering tips. If you missed them, see Tip 1: Update Kerning Values and Tip 2: User-Refined Letters Here’s Tip 3: Team Names Adding name drops is an everyday task for an embroiderer, but preparing all the individual files takes time. […]

Let’s bling it up! Sometimes your client demands something a little bit special. This video shows an example where the customer is a pop rock band called ‘Vintage Love’. They want to create t-shirts that their fans will love and cherish so you have to offer them something that really creates impact. Did you know […]

It’s good to see how many people appreciate the first tip we published from Dean Roscoe’s Wilcom embroidery lettering tips. If you missed it, see Tip 1: Update Kerning Values. Here’s Tip 2: User-Refined Letters Stock embroidery fonts have a recommended minimum and maximum height. Once you step outside of these guidelines the stitch quality […]

Some embroidery machines in commercial use today still use floppy disks and or serial com port connection to upload designs into the embroidery machine memory. If you are in this situation, you may be hesitant to get a new computer or update your software because PCs no longer support floppy disks and do not have conventional […]

For those of you who want to see how Wilcom and Corel integration works, and how to make multi-decoration designs, this 6 min video gives a very good walk through of the whole process. The example is a client who is running a Dance Conference. They want their attendee t shirts to be a little more fancy […]

The low-down on lettering Dean Roscoe demonstrates three often overlooked features in Wilcom Embroidery Studio that will cut your lettering set-up time in half… Today’s embroidery design software is more powerful than ever, giving embroiderers a level of creative control that would previously have been unthinkable. However, keeping up with all the different advances and […]