Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3 software review


Beta Tester review of Wilcom Elements 3I wanted to share another user review with you all. This one is from a Wilcom Beta Tester: Pascale Randolph, owner of The Embroidered Touch in Manchester Tennessee.

Wilcom Elements3 screen shot and boxshots

I really appreciate all of the great changes Wilcom has made with introduction of EmbroideryStudio e3.  The icons are larger, more colorful and the overall work area is visually pleasing.  The menus are easier to navigate and I believe new comers will find it much more intuitive.

wilcom sequence toolbar

I was thrilled to see the addition of the sequence tool bar!  Moving objects in the color-object list is so much easier; we no longer have to drag the objects!   Tools such as “Move Back/Forward by 1 object, or by color, and move to start or end are great additions.  This tool is definitely a time saver.   

wilcom offsetsand outline

The new advanced offsets is very exciting.  It now offers both an automatic outline and multiple offsets.  You can create multiple ‘outlines’ in a blink of an eye and produce very creative effects.   Additionally, you can choose which stitch type you want for each outline & offsets (input C, backstitch, motif run, etc).   The best part is that you can determine whether you want the intersecting outline (and offsets, too) to weld together to create a single outline or create separate elements.  This is especially exciting for those who want to create a single outline of an entire design.  I love it! 

Adding fabric swatches to appliqué objects is now a BREEZE and another time saver.  This was not a task I enjoyed doing in previous versions, but now it is a simple click away!  This is super helpful for showing my customers what the design will actually look like.  Another favorite feature of mine! Thank you!  

I’d like to compliment Wilcom for implementing all these new features and for considering/listening to your customer comments & recommendations! 

Wilcom auto applique fabric swatch


Pascale Randolph from Manchester, Tennessee is owner of The Embroidered Touch, which specializes in personalized baby gifts and specialty items brought in by local customers.  Over the years she has been involved with the development of several software programs and attends classes in an effort to perfect her digitizing/embroidery.  She especially enjoys digitizing unique designs for her customers and the new babies in their lives.

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      Love Google Translate! The comment was “Great Program”. I replied with “thanks for your kind words”

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