How to save time on embroidery lettering TIP 3: Team Names


It’s good to see how many people appreciate the tips we’ve published from Dean Roscoe’s Wilcom embroidery lettering tips. If you missed them, see Tip 1: Update Kerning Values and Tip 2: User-Refined Letters

Here’s Tip 3: Team Names

Adding name drops is an everyday task for an embroiderer, but preparing all the individual files takes time. With the Wilcom Team Names function you can quickly produce batches of names by typing or importing them from a text document (Figure 6). Once in the system they are stored as editable groups for future use.

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Team Names

Figure 6

When it’s time to sew simply pick the names you require and drop them as a single stack onto the screen (Figure 7). The file can be exported in multiple ways to suit the machine configuration in your shop. Here are two of the most popular.

Multihead Output the file to stitch the main logo on all heads followed by the individual names one-by-one.
Single head Output one single file consisting of the design and names stacked on top of each other separated by stops.

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Team Names

Figure 7

These are just some of the many powerful features that you’ll find in Wilcom EmbroideryStudio. If you’re not making full use of them already, doing so has the potential to cut your lettering set-up time in half.

5 Responses to “How to save time on embroidery lettering TIP 3: Team Names”

  1. 1 Josphat mogusu

    Pls help me on how to avoid stitch swallowing on polo shirts

    • 2 Lollie Conn

      Hi, I’m not with Wilcom, but I have an answer that will help. Use a water soluble topping, (it is clear, it kind of looks like the plastic wrap that you use for food wrapping). Put it on top of your area that the text is going on and then just embroider. When you are done, tear it off, and then use a moistened Q-Tip, or a moistened clean rag to get the rest of it off the garment. Or just throw the garment in the washing machine.
      I hope this helps you.
      Lollie Conn

  2. Hi,

    I am upgrading and want to know how to save all my team name groups that I have made, so that I don’t lose them after upgrading.

    • There is a file called “Namedrop.emn” in res folder (for instance, C:\Program Files\Wilcom\EmbroideryStudio_e2.0\RES). It contains user created Team Name groups. Just backup this file. After software updating from e2 to e3, just copy/paste this file to res folder of e3 installation files. All user created Team Name groups will appear in e3 Team Name.

  3. 5 Elvis

    The above mentions importing? I see no way of doing this. Please help?

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