Wilcom software: Windows 8 compatibility


Wilcom embroidery software Microsoft Windows 8 compatibleNow that Windows 8 has been in the market for a while, some of you are asking about running Wilcom software on this new operating system.

The short answer is yes you can run Wilcom DecoStudio e2 and EmbroideryStudio e2 on Windows 8!

If you’ve just recently bought Wilcom e2 software, just install as usual.

If you bought Wilcom e2 software more than a few months ago, you may need to download a Windows 8 compatible dongle driver from the Wilcom Support website. Instructions are provided on the Wilcom Support website.

If you have bought a new computer or need to buy one, and you have older Wilcom software (Wilcom e1.5, Wilcom ES 2006 and older), you’ll need to update to the latest version – Wilcom e2 for it to run with Windows 8. Luckily we have some very good update prices available so talk to your local Wilcom distributor or enquire about updating your Wilcom software here.

Note: All DecoStudio Lite e2 customers will need to install the Windows 8 dongle driver.


3 Responses to “Wilcom software: Windows 8 compatibility”

  1. 1 chester

    The dongle works fine have run windows 8 since I owned e3 spring ’11 now with retail copy instead of preview the only thing I see a problem with is the corel has some compatibility problem.

  2. I have Wilcom true sizer (TS_e2 from 8-17-11) will this work on windows 8 tablet?

    • 3 chester

      I am sure it would just try it, the platform is windows based which is what wilcom is designed to work with, I wish it would work with ipad or mac, how is your tablet? Do you like it?

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