How to save time on embroidery lettering TIP 2: User-Refined Letters


It’s good to see how many people appreciate the first tip we published from Dean Roscoe’s Wilcom embroidery lettering tips. If you missed it, see Tip 1: Update Kerning Values.

Here’s Tip 2: User-Refined Letters

Stock embroidery fonts have a recommended minimum and maximum height. Once you step outside of these guidelines the stitch quality will start to suffer. The example below (Figure 3.) shows a tight curl at the base of the letter ‘R’, which will puncture a hole in the fabric if the word is stitched too small.
The solution is to trim off the end of the curl (Figure 4.). However, this would be a chore if the process had to be repeated every time the same letter was typed.

Script font

Figure 4

Wilcom has another great feature called ‘User-Refined Letter’, which saves your modified version (Figure 5). Furthermore, it allows you to specify a letter height beyond which the original letter will be substituted for the modified version automatically.

User-Refined letter - Wilcom EmbroideryStudio

Figure 5

stay tuned for Tip 3!

10 Responses to “How to save time on embroidery lettering TIP 2: User-Refined Letters”

  1. This was a GREAT article! Thank you Dean. I learned a lot and it is useful material to learn!
    I have one question, and I Really hope that you can answer it.

    You stated, “Stock embroidery fonts have a recommended minimum and maximum height.”
    Where …. can I find the list of the recommended minimum and maximum height. In my old software, I just hovered over the selection of available text, and it showed it above the text, that was very helpful. But…I haven’t been able to find that feature in my ES e2, level 3. Can you help me? Thank you, Lollie Conn

  2. Hello? Hello? Anyone there? I am still here hoping for an answer to the question above, posted Nov. 14th.
    Thanking you in advance,
    Lollie Conn

  3. 3 Wilcom Support

    Hello Lollie

    The minimum and maximum height for our alphabets are documented in our onscreen manual.

    The onscreen manual can be accessed from the Windows start menu under Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e2 –> Documentation.

  4. Thank you Very much! Sometimes, I can search and just never find what it is I am looking for….thank you for this helping hand!

    I loved your Tip #2 also.


  5. Hi, are the user-refined changes saved somewhere that I can back-up for when i upgrade? We just bought another digitizing package (wilcom e2 ver. 2.0s) and mine is also about to be upgraded this week (right now i have wilcom e1.5 V1.5P SP1). Even though I copied and transferred the contents from my USERLETW folder into the new digitizing station’s folder, the “use saved version” check box is still grayed out (when using a font [COLLEGE] that has previously been user-refined on my version) on the new version. We closed and restarted wilcom after the folder copy/paste procedure, but that didn’t help. So now I am worried about losing all my user-refined adjustments (that I have worked hard on) when I upgrade…

    • Hi Kristi,

      Very good question! I’ve asked the support guys and this is what they have said:

      The user-refined changes are saved in Wilcom lettering font esa file in WLETTER folder. For instance, if you did user-refined change for a letter in Block2 font, the change is saved in Block2.esa in WLETTER folder. Therefore, please back up esa files in WLETTER folder before updating from e1.5 to e2.0. after e2.0 installed. After updating is done, copy and paste those esa files into WLETTER folder of e2.0.

      Hope that helps!

  6. P.S. this question would also apply to the saved kerning values too, I guess?

    A general (thorough) guideline on what needs to be saved and how, before upgrading will be very valuable and appreciated. Please 🙂

  7. Thanks for the WLETTER/user-refined info!!! 🙂

    Do you know where the kerning values are saved? …maybe you are still researching this…i will take my answer off the air…giggle 😀

  8. Hi Kristi, sorry yes, the kerning values are also saved in the esa file as well.

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