Make sure your supplier isn’t using illegal software


Unfortunately we have to bring to your attention the fact that Wilcom is significantly impacted by the use of “pirated” or illegally copied software. As a privately held company, we rely on licence revenue to make sure that we can keep up with market demands and help add value to your businesses through improved design and stitching processes.

We kindly ask, as good corporate citizens, that you insist that your suppliers, for example outsourced digitizers and manufacturers, are using legitimate licences in delivering products and services to you. We are sure that your business wants to be associated with reliable, quality conscious and ethically sound partners in the supply chain.

If you are unsure if your supplier is using genuine Wilcom software, contact your local Wilcom office or email and we can confirm with our records.

Wilcom provides special amnesty licence pricing to companies who choose to migrate to legitimate licences. Please contact your local dealer.

2 Responses to “Make sure your supplier isn’t using illegal software”

  1. 1 Shaun Elliott

    As a UK professional user of legitimate Wilcom software I’m pleased to see that this issue has been acknowledged at last. My business cost thousands to start up as a long term, top quality, first class service. Piracy of this software has caused more damage to our industry than the people making a quick buck of selling or distributing it would imagine. As this has now gone global the element of fair competition has been blown out of the water, creating ridiculous pricing, terrible quality and complete lack of creative input. It’s a very bitter pill to swallow!
    Illegal ‘cracked’ copies of this software have been around for a long time, used by many…you know who you are!? Do not be complacent about the impact to you, now it’s used globally we’ll all suffer the effects…times are difficult but if we keep throwing money out of the UK where does it leave us all?


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