Get a ‘Smarter’ Wilcom software


Kristi reflects on updating to newer technology as Wilcom phases out support for Version 2006 and older.

old mobile phoneDad loves his old mobile phone. He won’t use anything else. “It still lets me make calls, and who wants to check emails on their phone!” So what if I can’t press the tiny buttons? And so what if you can no longer buy a charger for it? So what if the chances of the battery dying grow every day?

 What about you? Are you still using an “old Wilcom”?

smart phoneWhen I first saw people flashing around their iPhones, I thought a bit the same way! I thought “I don’t need to have all those apps and internet while I’m out!” But when I started observing my friends being able to look up Google maps while we’re walking trying to find the restaurant we’ve booked, or not being worried about rushing home to check if that important email had come in yet, and even capturing the moment with a photo when you don’t have your camera with you, I started to change my mind. Now that I have a smart phone, my goodness I can’t imagine life without it!

 The same goes for software. Sometimes you’re just busy doing your thing and you don’t want to waste time researching, and then having to learn something new. But the great thing is that software and user experience has come on such a long way now that it’s really quite intuitive and does make your job quicker and more enjoyable!

Believe it or not Wilcom ES Version 9 is coming up to 9 years old and  Version 2006, 7 years old!

We’re glad that these products have gone the distance, but there comes a time when you need plan for the future.

Sadly, there does come a day when your old computer is going to crash. We often have calls from our customers who are desperately trying to get their business back up and running after their computer has kicked the bucket, so to speak. It’s really a stressful situation, with customers waiting, no way to get designs to the machine and the headache of trying to recover old files.

The good things is, once they get set up again, and have new Wilcom software running on a new computer, they don’t know why they didn’t update years ago!

We really want to our customers to avoid this situation. Not only that, but we have been busy listening to customers, watching the market and creating better and better ways to solve your business challenges! We want all of our customers to benefit from this.

Good things don’t last. Time’s running out for users of v2006 or earlier.

Eventually, support for old versions of Windows, computers and, yes, even “old Wilcom” stops. As of 1st January 2013, support for Wilcom ES 2006 and earlier will have to come to an end.

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e2

If you’re ready to update to a ‘Smarter’ Wilcom software…

We are running a final promotion to update any version of Wilcom ES for a flat price, with savings up to 70%. After December, update pricing will no longer be available for version 2006 and older.

Oh and by the way, if you are wondering how you can still get your embroidery machine to work with new computers that don’t have serial ports or floppy disk drives – there are solutions!


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  1. 1 Bill lozanovski

    Hi my name is Bill I have the Emb Studio e2 is thear new version or any updates let me know thanks

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