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Now that Windows 8 has been in the market for a while, some of you are asking about running Wilcom software on this new operating system. The short answer is yes you can run Wilcom DecoStudio e2 and EmbroideryStudio e2 on Windows 8! If you’ve just recently bought Wilcom e2 software, just install as usual. […]

Let’s bling it up! Sometimes your client demands something a little bit special. This video shows an example where the customer is a pop rock band called ‘Vintage Love’. They want to create t-shirts that their fans will love and cherish so you have to offer them something that really creates impact. Did you know […]

It’s good to see how many people appreciate the first tip we published from Dean Roscoe’s Wilcom embroidery lettering tips. If you missed it, see Tip 1: Update Kerning Values. Here’s Tip 2: User-Refined Letters Stock embroidery fonts have a recommended minimum and maximum height. Once you step outside of these guidelines the stitch quality […]

Unfortunately we have to bring to your attention the fact that Wilcom is significantly impacted by the use of “pirated” or illegally copied software. As a privately held company, we rely on licence revenue to make sure that we can keep up with market demands and help add value to your businesses through improved design […]

Kristi reflects on updating to newer technology as Wilcom phases out support for Version 2006 and older. Dad loves his old mobile phone. He won’t use anything else. “It still lets me make calls, and who wants to check emails on their phone!” So what if I can’t press the tiny buttons? And so what […]

Some embroidery machines in commercial use today still use floppy disks and or serial com port connection to upload designs into the embroidery machine memory. If you are in this situation, you may be hesitant to get a new computer or update your software because PCs no longer support floppy disks and do not have conventional […]