How to create multi-decoration designs in Wilcom EmbroideryStudio – A CorelDRAW product


For those of you who want to see how Wilcom and Corel integration works, and how to make multi-decoration designs, this 6 min video gives a very good walk through of the whole process.

The example is a client who is running a Dance Conference. They want their attendee t shirts to be a little more fancy than run of the mill conference t shirts. With the one vector design provided by the client, you can convert different parts of it to different techniques for real wow factor.

You can leave the large area of the design as print, make the lettering pop with embroidery and add some rhinestones for a bit of bling. This all takes less than 5 minutes! Not only that, but you can keep all these decoration types in the one file,  and with the Multi-decoration export feature, in one go you can export each one separately in the format needed for each production process and machine type!

4 Responses to “How to create multi-decoration designs in Wilcom EmbroideryStudio – A CorelDRAW product”

  1. 1 lucia russo

    Gostaria de ver o vídeo falado em português,tem como traduzí-lo?

    • Olá Lucia, tudo bem?

      Infelizmente por enquanto nossos vídeos estão disponíveis apenas em inglês, porém em breve pretendemos ter mais conteúdo em outras línguas inclusive em Português para atender nossos amigos do Brasil, Portugal, etc…

      Agradecemos seu contato.

  2. 3 thiru

    i need this software.

  3. 4 Annelise

    Meget inspirerende

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