New Products! EmbroideryStudio e2 Lettering & Editing


EmbroideryStudio e2 Lettering & EditingFrom school yards to corporate offices, sports fields to giftware; personalization and monograms are everywhere! Embroiderers working in this market segment have said: “This is all we do! We don’t need all the digitizing capabilities.” So, back by popular demand, Wilcom has reintroduced the much loved Lettering and Editing products at a very affordable price.

Here’s what you can do with Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Lettering & Editing products:

Arcade Embroidery

Create stunning embroidered lettering fast, accurate and beautiful.

Embroider Team Names        Customer approval PDFs and production worksheets with Hoop preview

Easy management of team names and approval sheets for spelling checks!

Wilcom EditingGet the full power of famous Wilcom lettering, to kern, space, reshape letters to your heart’s content! You don’t even have to think about stitch settings – we build in the best practices for underlay, density and pull compensation according to the fabric you are working with.

 The other big thing we have been hearing from the market is the increase is out-sourced digitizing. Many businesses are choosing to outsource either from an economical point of view or because they don’t have the skills in house.

Work more effectively with your digitizer! If you often waste time going back and forth with required edits and having less than expected results on the machine, you can now take more control.  With Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Editing edition, you can combine designs, add lettering and do all the adjustments you need to ensure quality and production efficiency. No need to invest in Wilcom’s digitizing software, the Lettering and Editing editions give you the production control without the higher cost of digitizing software. Find out  more

Didn’t Wilcom used to have Lettering and Editing product levels?

Yes, some customers may remember Wilcom ES 21L and ES 21E in Version 2006 and earlier. Customers still using these older products now have the chance to keep all they love about these products, but with the added benefit of newer technology and lots of new features aimed at getting the job done faster and with better results. Find out more

2 Responses to “New Products! EmbroideryStudio e2 Lettering & Editing”

  1. we embroider western boot tops with our stitch designs, with this program can we modefiy our running stich designs?

    • Hi Jim,
      Yes you’ll need the editing product level: EmbroideryStudio e2- Editing. You’ll be able to modify any designs running stitch or otherwise. Hope this helps! Love to see some of your western boots!

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