Wilcom and Corel – a strategic partnership. Gillian Suggett, Images Magazine UK


How Wilcom and Corel have changed the decoration industry

Wilcom & Corel - a strategic partnership

People often wonder how Wilcom and Corel’s partnership differs from other solutions providing a CorelDRAW plugin. Thought I’d share this Images Magazine article, interviewing our own Gillian Suggett from the Wilcom Europe office: 

The exclusive integration of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite into Wilcom DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio has changed the way that embroidery is designed and produced, according to Wilcom. The company adds that by creating efficient and smooth workflows between graphic and embroidery files, Wilcom DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio have become the ideal smart tools for embroiderers and garment decorators.

Released in 1989, CorelDRAW was the first graphics software for the Windows platform and it is now the popular choice for screen printers, direct-to-garment printers, engravers and sign makers because of its superior vector generation, versatile drawing and tracing tools, and comprehensive bitmap/raster file editing capabilities.

Since 1979 Wilcom has led the industry with the first computer-aided embroidery software and innovations that have redefined what’s possible in embroidery. The software is renowned for its ease-of-use and productivity tools, and has also become the industry standard for stitch quality.

Wilcom and Corel have been working together now for over five years to develop significant enhancements to how graphic and stitch files can interact. This Strategic Partnership goes way beyond the use of Corel’s open software development kit to ‘plug in’ an embroidery element. Wilcom explains that shared ideas and development suggestions have significantly improved the embroidery design workflow – from graphic to embroidery design – giving users creative choices, flexibility, and improved productivity in a single software application.

So what does this partnership between Corel, the graphic solutions expert, and Wilcom, the embroidery industry pioneer, offer garment decorators?

“While some software vendors simply take advantage of Corel’s open Application Pro-grammers Interface (API), Wilcom’s strategic partnership with Corel provides a complete solution avoiding the need to buy, install and run two separate software applications,” says the company.

Wilcom’s DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio embroidery software exclusively integrates the complete CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. As a truly multi-decoration application, users can select elements of a ‘single design’ to print, vinyl cut, convert to embroidery or create a template for rhinestones, and furthermore all this can be viewed as a visualisation of the design on a garment for client approval. If you are already familiar with CorelDRAW then learning the embroidery functionality is a comfortable and logical experience, according to Wilcom.

“Converting graphics to embroidery designs has never been easier: use automated or conventional tools, or combine both to benefit from improved productivity but with the control professionals require,” says the company.

Users can take a raster image, trace it and convert to embroidery in super-fast time. This process can be used for stitch count estimation or for marketing your services without the set-up cost of digitising.

As referred to above, converting a graphic into embroidery is just one way of using this powerful software solution; users can also open up their embroidery design archive and use the convert facility to create a graphic for printing.

It’s also possible to use the 10,000 clipart catalogue to pull apart artworks and use them as base-elements for embroidery. “The creative potential to use and reuse readymade artwork opens up endless possibilities,” Wilcom points out.

There is also the option to import a huge range of image types and stitch/embroidery file formats. “Choose from a wide range of tools to express your creativity and combine some fantastic and original effects to turn ideas into a finished decorated product,” the company suggests.

Source: Images Magazine online edition

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