Interview with Bill Wilson, co-founder of Wilcom International


We recently got some time to chat with Bill about Wilcom – past, present & future. Share his story…


14 Responses to “Interview with Bill Wilson, co-founder of Wilcom International”

  1. 1 Suzanne

    I used software that created “frames” for each color change, showing the activity for each segment of the color which would amplify the details if something was too cluttered or lacked something in the design area. I really liked that feature,

    Thanks for your continued efforts in keeping the Wilcom Software up to date and ready for current trends!

  2. we have tajima me

  3. 3 Astr

    Long time ago when version 6 was new I asked Mr.Rodney Hovey to insert a new option to start lettering not only on right, left or in centre but also on any other letter out of centre. This would help save time.
    Rodney Hovey promised this would be implemented, but nothing happend in version 7, 8, 9, then after some years years the same promise was made also by Mr.Brenden and again nothing. You can still only start in centre , left or right, and the posibility to select an optional letter is still not there. It’s been over 10 years and Wilcom terchnicians still haven’t managed to implement this feature. I’m using Wilcom from version 5.5. Any chance of help to get this implemented? When buying a car I can ask some optional extras. Can I ask for a new function from Wilcom for new letters selection?

    A long time customer

  4. Hi Bill
    Thanks for pioneering such a great program. I love digitizing with ES and enjoyed hearing you speak about your experiences at Wilcom.

  5. 5 CarolynLobsinger

    We live on a small disability pension and i use your free program and i am very very thank-ful for that .Hugs and God bless you and yours Hugs carolyn (from Canada)

  6. His interview was very informative about him and his company. I have the free edition but without instructions. I would like to use it even though it is limited. Thank you for allowing the use of this free edition,

  7. 7 E.D. Ryckeley

    I would like to see software less propriatary and be suitable for use with any machine, instead of just creating ART, JEF, etc. formats for machine companies. Also, upgrades are way too expensive! Simplify the process for home embroiderers!

    • Thanks for your comments. Not sure if you realize but from Wilcom software you can export to file formats to suit most machine machine brands. You can also use our free TrueSizer program to resize and convert files types to suit your machine too.

  8. 9 Phillip Bogle

    I have come to Wilcom from another program. The Corel interface was a major reason for the switch. I too have complained about not just the high price but also the lack of financing solutions. and lack of comprehensive training.

    Price: There are a large number of embroiderers coming up from the home solutions (every manufacturer for home sewing makes a “commercial ” embroidery machine). It isn’t always the price, it is the terms. New and or growing up users can not afford $1000 down and $1000 a month to grow up their business. $250 per month is about the price of a new car monthly payment. Keep things relative and the sales will climb. The over all price is not the issue, it is the payment.

    Training: There are a great set of videos for training and the webinairs are great. However they all stop at the basic set of features and never go very far. The trainers are OK but not always good. Implement a full force training department. The value of a product is not in the core because everyone has much the same features. The value is the extensions you have built in and those are NEVER trained to — in fact most of your trainers do not even know how to use TEAM names, or features of Design Workflow. I have been told there are features and the sales staff can not even demonstrate them.

  9. 10 AJAY GUPTA


  10. 11 geeta

    would like to be a part of wilcom please guide

  11. 12 Ronald

    I’ve been working with wilcom since, mmmmmmmm a long time ago and love the programme, dont ever miss a day at work, however recently we upgraded our pc and wilcom gave us a problem in that it does not support an HD graphics card, hence had to uninstall the video card and left with nothing but the original drivers from windows, now everything else is slow on my pc, if you could please HELP

    • Thanks for your note Ronald, appreciate your comments and long term commitment to Wilcom.
      I understand you have talked to our support team about this already but they are planning to contact you to make sure the issue is resolved.

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