7 Tips on how to digitize and receive quality results! – James Timmons



Here’s James’s quick tips when digitizing a design for embroidery: "Ocean Leaf"

1. Analyze the artwork, break it down and simplify it. Ask yourself “do I need all these details?”

2. Add more space between the letters as it will avoid your stitches being too close together when stitched out. This is common with vertical characters – e.g. ‘l’.

3. Use a Stepp or Tatami fill when covering large areas.

4. Try a Satin stitch on a 1mm to 7mm area. For anything less than 1mm, use one of the Run stitch methods such as Stemstitch, Triple Run, etc.

5. Follow the shortest distance across. For instance, take the letter ‘I’. It makes more sense to apply stitching from left-to-right to avoid long jump stitches that will slow the machine down.

6. When the design is completed, be sure to delete unnecessary small stitches that may cause thread breaks in production.

7. Before sending the file to machine, go to Stitch > Small Stitches. This command will remove any small stitches from the design.

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About James Timmons: James is an educator at Wilcom America and is loved by the many people who have learnt the art of embroidery from him.

James began his career in 1987 as an embroidery artist, later moving into digitizing and customer service. He has also acted as a judge at embroidery competitions such as EMB Honors and Impressions Awards.


One Response to “7 Tips on how to digitize and receive quality results! – James Timmons”

  1. Thank you so much we really need those tips
    Gilles Coaticook Qc Canada

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