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Just reading Stitches magazine software review. Some good points on what to ask when choosing your software: Be a Smart Buyer Some questions smart buyers should ask – and answer – before investing. How will this software improve my business and help me better serve current customer and/or earn new clients? Who else uses this technology? […]

T-shirts are made of a light fabric and have an extreme elasticity which makes them problematic to embroider. Because the stitches pull the fabric inward where the needle penetrates it can often pucker and distort the design. Below is a list of good tips to apply for quality embroidery results on t-shirts. To make it even easier, […]

  Here’s James’s quick tips when digitizing a design for embroidery:  1. Analyze the artwork, break it down and simplify it. Ask yourself “do I need all these details?” 2. Add more space between the letters as it will avoid your stitches being too close together when stitched out. This is common with vertical characters […]

The Author of this post is one of Wilcom’s Authorized Trainers, John Wright. He heads up the team at – a fantastic resource for those who wish to get the most from their Wilcom embroidery digitizing software or are interested in researching the software before purchasing. I have visited many embroiderers over the past 12 […]