Make team sport uniforms profitable with Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e2


In a recent post we talked about the London Olympics, we were talking about sporting teams and Tracey from Arco mentioned Wilcom’s Team Name  feature. I thought I would talk a little more about this topic in terms of how you can be more efficient when working with teams and uniforms.

With Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e2 personalising team uniforms is easy. Using the Team Name tool you can choose a layout, add the names and hey presto! they are all set up on the baseline, automatically spaced so you don’t need to adjust short and long names.


Plus you can save the layouts and reuse them for the next sports team order. There are many features in EmbroideryStudio e2 that are perfect for Team Sports:

  • Team Name Templates
  • Multi-decoration to keep you ahead of the game – one software for print, embroidery, bling & more
  • Vector/embroidery conversion for print & embroidery – include CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
  • Wilcom’s superior embroidery lettering
  • Advanced Appliqué tools
  • Auto Fabric Assistant – same design for different fabrics

Here’s what one Wilcom user says about it:

“The Team Name function makes lettering for large groups a breeze. Being able to add the team names from an Excel® file means no typos on my end. The ability to call up any name or portion of a name makes re-orders effortless.”

– J. Whitaker


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  1. 1 Farhan

    i just like wilcom

  2. 2 Farhan

    i am designer wilcom-2001

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