Kristi writes: Royal embroidery


With the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations well under way, I have just been musing on how embroidery is part of the Royal tradition. Here’s a few things I’ve found…

  • The British Army has been emblazoned with embroidered crests, epaulets and insignia since the 1800s.

File:PlateVII Band.jpg

  • Embroidery has been a popular pastime for British Queens

“Embroidery was also a popular pastime for women. Mary Queen of Scots was a very gifted embroideress, and Elizabeth too would sometimes spend an evening embroidering with her maids of honor and ladies in waiting”

  • The Royal Gown has often been embellished with embroidery
1897 Queen Victoria

“The royal gown has always garnered attention and interest… On visits abroad, royal garments traditionally incorporate symbols of the host nation. In 1975 on a state visit to Japan, Queen Elizabeth wore a blue chiffon gown embroidered with three-dimensional cherry blossoms in pink. Catherine Walker included thousands of pearls on a dress she designed for Princess Diana to wear on a state visit to Hong Kong in 1989.” –…/


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